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Symposium on Biocatalysis

Symposium on Biocatalysis

Biocatalysis has been a very important aspect of the research at our institute and was introduced here with the pioneering studies of Manfred Reetz shortly after his arrival in Mülheim in 1991. In honor of Prof. Reetz we invite you to our Symposium on Biocatalysis on Tuesday, November 5th.


08:30     Doors Open
09:20     Welcome, Ben List
09:30     Introduction, Manfred Reetz
09:45     Karl-Erich Jäger (Jülich/Düsseldorf):
               “What lipases teach us and we teach lipases” 
10:30     Don Hilvert (Zürich):
               “Building Better Enzymes”
11:30     Michael Müller (Freiburg):
               “Unprecedented Role of Hydronaphthoquinone Tautomers in Biocatalysis”
12:15     Uwe Bornscheuer (Greifswald):
               “Modern Tools for Protein Engineering and Enzyme Cascade Reactions” 
14:30     Nicholas Turner (Manchester):
               “Design and Evolution of New Biocatalysts for Organic Synthesis” 
15:15     Ulrich Schwaneberg (Aachen):
               “Protein Engineering for Biocatalysis and Interactive Materials”
16:15     Michael Bott (Jülich):
              “Single-cell metabolite sensors and recombineering as   novel tools for strain    
              and enzyme development”
17:00     Frank Schulz (Dortmund):
               “Engineering Multistep Biocatalytic Cascades in vivo:
               Chemo-microbial synthesis of natural product derivatives”

17:45     Christian Hertweck (Jena):
               “Decoding and Harnessing Complex Microbial Assembly Lines”
18:30     Final Remarks

Please find the abstracts of all talks here