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Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Energy

The main focus of our research group is the design and development of functional nanostructured materials for sustainable energy related catalytic applications. Our motivation is to advance understanding of structure-activity relationships in the field of heterogeneous catalysis and materials science. One of our key strategies is the precise control of structure, morphology, topology and composition of materials at a nanoscale through top–down and bottom-up approaches, particularly using soft and hard templating methods. Fundamental target reactions include water splitting and catalytic conversion of CO and CO2. We are also interested in the design of nanostructured halide perovskites and investigation of their novel catalytic properties and potentials

Harun Tüysüz

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Harun Tüysüz

Research Group Leader (W2/Associate Professor at Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung)
Habilitation at the Ruhr University Bochum
Group Leader at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
Post-Doc Fellow, University of California Berkeley (Prof. Peidong Yang)
Ph.D study, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung (Prof. Ferdi Schüth)
Master of Science, Gebze Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Akdeniz
Born in Riha / Turkey
Forcheurs Jean-Marie Lehn Prize 2020
DECHEMA Prize 2019
Volkswagen Foundation Award for Funding Initiative "Life? – A Fresh Scientific Approach to the Basic Principles of Life"
Jochen-Block-Prize of the German Catalysis Society e.V. (GeCatS)
DFG Research Fellowship
Book Prize of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bochum

November 2016:
I completed my Habilitation at the Ruhr University Bochum and I became a Privatdozent.

July 2016: 
Our manuscript regarding artificial pentlandite catalyst for hydrogen production was accepted for publication in Nature Communications

June 2016: 
We are excited to be part of the Carbon2Chem consortium, which aims to convert industrial gases into fine chemicals and products

April 2016: 
My first PhD student, Tobias Grewe, graduated with eleven publications and found a job at Infineon Technologies AG, Warstein. Congratulations Tobias

March 2016: 
Jochen-Block-Prize 2016 goes to my research group,123215.html

January 2016: 
Our book entitled „Solar Energy for Fuels„ is published as hardcover and e-book
(see picture above)

  1. Open Position for the Master's Dissertation
  2. Open PhD Position -Transition Metal Nanoparticles: A Missing Link Between Early Earth and Early Life 
  3. Open PhD Position - Mesostructured Metal Oxides for Catalytic Applications

Research Topics

Catalytic Water Splitting
Catalytic Water Splitting

Catalytic Water Splitting

Inspired by artificial photosynthesis, the photoelectrolysis of water directly with sunlight to produce clean H2 is a very promising route for solar energy conversion to chemical energy. Water splitting consists of two half reactions, namely the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). OER is kinetically more challenging since it involves four electron transfer and requires an extra overpotential. There is a need and interest for the development of more effective non-noble metal based electrocatalysts for OER.

Ongoing projects in our research effort focus on the development of new synthetic methodologies for preparation of non-noble metal oxide based nanostructured electrocatalysts for OER. We use the templating approach to create well-defined mesostructured materials and utilize them as toolbox to find correlations between structural properties and catalytic performance of the materials for development of more effective catalysts for OER.

We are a member of the MAXNET Energy consortium of the Max Planck Society and DFG funded Collaborative Research Centre / Transregio 247 where we establish experimental structure–activity correlations in heterogeneous reactions including electrochemical water splitting.

Selected Publications:

1.    Moon, G-H.; Yu, M.; Chan, C. K.; Tüysüz, H. In-situ formation of highly electroactive species directed from homogeneous cobalt precursors for oxygen evolution reaction, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 131, 3529

2.    Deng, X.; Öztürk, S.; Weidenthaler, Tüysüz, H. Iron-induced activation of ordered mesoporous nickel cobalt oxide electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction, ACS. App. Mater. Interfaces. 2017, 9, 21225

3.    Deng, X.; Tüysüz, H. Cobalt oxide based materials as water oxidation catalysts: recent progress and challenges, ACS Catalysis, 2014, 10, 3701

Catalytic Conversion of CO and CO2
Catalytic Conversion of CO and CO2

Catalytic Conversion of CO and CO2

The carbon footprint has caused serious environmental issues. CO and CO2 have the potential to be used as feedstocks for synthesis of sustainable materials and fine chemicals. We are a partner of the BMBF supported Carbon2Chem consortium that focuses on the utilization of steel mill gases as precursors for the production of fine chemicals and sustainable products. We collaborate with an industrial partner and develop high surface area solid catalysts for conversion of carbon monoxide to intermediate building blocks and polymers.

We are also interested in catalytic conversion of CO2 in the context of the origins of life. We attempt to mimic the serpentinization process that occurs in the Earth’s crust, which involves hydrolysis and transformation of minerals into catalysts and hydrogen that can be further reacted with CO2 to form hydrocarbons that are essential for the origin of life. With our collaborators, we have been awarded with funding from the initiative "Life?" by the Volkswagen Foundation for five years to explore the catalytic CO2 conversion at extreme conditions.

Selected Publications:

1.    Baehr, A.; Moon, G-H.; Diedenhoven, J.; Kiecherer, J.; Barth, E.; Tüysüz, H. Reactor design and kinetic study on adsorption/desorption of CO and Cl2 for industrial phosgene synthesis, Chem. Ing. Tech. 2018, 90, 1513

2.    Preiner, M.; Xavier, J.; Sousa, F.; Zimorski, V.; Neubeck, A.; Lang, Q. S.; Greenwell, C.; Kleinermanns, K.; Tüysüz, H.; McCollom, T.; Holm, N.; Martin, F. W. Serpentinization: connecting ancient metabolism, geochemistry and industrial hydrogenation, Life, 2018, 8, 41

3.    Preiner, M.; Yu, M.; Varma, S. J.; Muchowska, K. B.; Tüysüz, H*.; Moran, J*.; Martin, W. F*. Serpentinization product Awaruite (Ni3Fe) catalyzes CO2 fixation via H2 under alkaline hydrothermal vent conditions,

Halide Perovskites as New Class of Catalyst
Halide Perovskites as New Class of Catalyst

Halide Perovskites as New Class of Catalyst

Halide perovskites have fascinating physicochemical and optoelectronic properties and thus have been in the spotlight of photovoltaics research for the last decade. This class of materials has started to gain attention in the heterogeneous catalysis community as well. Some of our research efforts are devoted to the design and development of novel nanostructured halide perovskites and investigation of their innovative catalytic properties for thermal and solar-driven model catalytic reactions

Selected Publications:

1.    Chen, K.; Schünemann, S.; Song, S.; Tüysüz, H. Structural effect on the optoelectronic properties of halide perovskites, Chem. Soc. Rev. 2018, 47, 7045

2.    Chen, K.; Deng, X.; Dodekatos, G.; Tüysüz, H. Photocatalytic polymerization of
3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene over cesium lead iodide perovskite quantum dots, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2017, 139, 12267

3.    Chen, K.; Tüysüz, H. Morphology-controlled synthesis of organometal halide perovskite inverse opals, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 13806.


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