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Previous group leaders


Group leaders at the Institute perform independent research and are usually offered faculty positions at universities after a few years. The links below lead to their current web pages. For the group leaders that have left the Institute since 2010, there are additional separate web pages describing their activities during the time at the Institute (see the names under the heading Research).

List of junior group leaders that accepted calls from universities since 2000: 

2000   Wilhelm Maier University of Saarbrücken (DE)
2002 Walter Leitner RWTH Aachen, now MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion (DE)
2004 Götz Veser University of Pittsburgh (USA)
2004 Lukas Gooßen TU Kaiserslautern, now University of Bochum (DE)
2004 Frank Glorius University of Marburg, now University of Münster (DE)
2005 Detlev Belder Universiy of Regensburg, now University of Leipzig (DE)
2006 Stefan Hecht Humboldt-University Berlin (DE)
2007 Michael Bühl University of St. Andrews (UK)
2007 Cristina Nevado University of Zürich (CH)
2008 Oliver Trapp University of Heidelberg, now LMU München (DE)
2008 An-Hui Lu Dalian University of Technology (CN)
2010 Regina Palkovits RWTH Aachen (DE)
2013 Nuno Maulide University of Vienna (AT)
2015 Manuel Alcarazo University of Göttingen (DE)
2015 Roberto Rinaldi Imperial College London (UK)
2015 Mario Barbatti Aix-Marseille Université (FR)
2017 Elsa Sánchez-García       University of Duisburg-Essen (DE)
2017 Matthias Heyden Arizona State University (USA)
2018 Bill Morandi ETH Zürich
2018 Gonzalo Prieto Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ)
2019 Mathew Tredwell Cardiff University School of Medicine (UK)
2019 Michael Römelt Ruhr Universität Bochum
2020 Róbert Izsák Middlebury College (USA)
2020 Martin Klussmann Borchers, Langenfeld
2020 Shengfa Ye