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We are responsible for providing a reliable, up-to-date communications and computing infrastructure to the MPI research community, particularly including the design and support of various central services.

Given below is a brief compilation of the services that we provide. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in this regard during your stay at the institute.

Christian Baumert

Herr Christian Baumert

since June: Head of IT-Department / Library at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
Head of IT and process support at evangelischen Krankenhaus Wesel gGmbh in Wesel
Regionalmanager IT and head of operationg centre North at Sana IT Service GmbH
Head of IT and Telecommunication at Segeberger Kliniken GmbH in Bad Segeberg
Head of IT at Zamek Nahrungsmittel GmbH in Düsseldorf
Studies of business informatics at VWA Wirtschaftsinformatik
IT-Infrastruktur Manager at Zamek Nahrungsmittel GmbH in Düsseldorf
IT-Systemmanager at Zamek Nahrungsmittel GmbH in Düsseldorf
Education to IT-Systemelektroniker
Studies of communication engineering at "university of applied sciences Niederrhein"
born in Krefeld, Germany


Service Desk

Our service desk is the single entry point of communication for all services we deliver.

Server-, UNIX and Network-Support:

  • Horst Lenk
  • Lars Corbach
  • Sonja Karpe


  • Sonja Karpe
  • Marcus Hermes

PC-Support and user helpdesk support:

  • Philp Roske
  • Florian Werner
  • Marcus Hermes

Web support, database support, special applications support (electronic laboratory notebook / chemical database):

  • Manuel Stesycki
  • Yannick Hermes


  • Marcus Hermes
Access Authorization

Access Authorization

After your written application for general access to IT services you will get a user account. This includes access to the internet, access to resources at MPI of coal research and an e-mail account. In general you will get access to the local file and print services.

When you leave our institute your data and your account will keep alive for 2 months. After that time your account will be deleted. If you need your account and your data for a longer time, you have to file another application for extension of this period. Please note that the use of our network and computing facilities is subject to the policies and regulations normally issued to all employees of the Institute.

Administration and support of the access control system inclusive electronic administration of ID cards is also part of this service.

Mobility Services

Mobility Services

The institute offers its co-workers a quick dial-up connection from at home or during an expedition to the institute´s services like download of e-mails, access to literature and to use all computers.
This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Computing Center
Computing Center

Computing Center

The department of theoretical chemistry performs many complex simulations. This happens in our computing center where about 200 compute-servers, all central servers, and firewalls with the according software applications are installed and managed by the IT department.

Information Security

Information Security

Security in information technology means that particular security policies are met, which ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information. Therefore the IT department plans, implements, and continuously improves measures for the following strategic objectives:

  • To guarantee the availability of IT systems, programs and data
  • To prevent malpractice of IT resources (use of IT resources by unauthorized persons /for adverse purposes)
  • To handle or any kind of confidential information such that confidentiality is guaranteed at every time
  • To ensure the integrity, functionality and confidentiality of work results and project data
  • To satisfy laws and regulations and other legal requirements
  • To protect the personal rights of all employees
Backup Services

Backup Services

Backup copies of files and data on the institute’s network are saved on our backup server daily. If needed, these files – be they Word files, databases, or your mailbox – can easily be restored.

Web Service

Web Service

We maintain a World Wide Web server which makes it possible to present the institute's research program and publications, as well as job openings and events on the Internet.

If you have any general questions or suggestions regarding the contents of the institute's Web pages, please contact the %20contact((atsign))



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  •  Wolfgang Angenendt

    Angenendt, Wolfgang

    Aug 1983 – Dec 2019 Systemadministrator


  • Herr Christian Baumert

    Herr Baumert, Christian




  •  Karlheinz Boll

    Boll, Karlheinz

    1964 – 2011 Permanent Staff


  •  Lars Corbach

    Corbach, Lars




  •  Christian Drexler

    Drexler, Christian

    Jun 14 - May 15 Systemadministrator


  •  Peter Fischer

    Fischer, Peter




  •  Marcus Hermes

    Hermes, Marcus



    to publications

  •  Yannick Hermes

    Hermes, Yannick




  •  Sonja Karpe

    Karpe, Sonja

    +49(0)208/ 306-2133



  •  Horst Lenk

    Lenk, Horst




  •  Philip Roske

    Roske, Philip




  •  Ursula Scheifhacken

    Scheifhacken, Ursula

    Sep 67 – Sep 13 Permanent Staff


  •  Manuel Stesycki

    Stesycki, Manuel




  •  Florian Werner

    Werner, Florian